[Blockpass X Infinite Launch] KYC OVERVIEW



This status means that you have submitted your data successfully. Your data is in queue.

If it says with Blockpass, that means it yet to be verified by Blockpass.

if it says with Infinite Launch — that means that Blockpass already processed your data and passed the results to the Infinite Launch.


This status means that some of your data was rejected (e.g. incorrect name, low quality passport image or due to any other relevant issue). You must make necessary amendments and resubmit updated information.

To do so, tap on the services that requires an update > click UPDATE -> check which attributes were rejected -> tap on rejected attribute and make necessary changes -> click RESUBMIT


This means that your profile is being reviewed by the service you applied to. Blockpass already completed review of your data (or it was not required by the Business) and further action must be taken by Infinite Launch. If you are stuck at this stage — please contact Infinite Launch directly.


If you see this status, that means that your KYC application has been approved.

— —


You are not using the same wallet address between Infinite Launch and Blockpass. Please use the one that has been verified on Blockpass.

Your KYC profile has been reset to Unverified by Blockpass for the following reason.

  1. Type given name in the family name field and vice versa. Cick here for a few tips to specify your Name correctly
  2. Not supported or expired documents (passport, ID card, driver license). Click here for more detail
  3. Unclear or low-quality image of identification document. Some of the information in the document may be covered, not in a frame, or too blurry to be readable.
  4. Unclear or low-quality selfies. Dark rooms and intense background light result in low-quality photos that are tough to analyze. Click here for more detai
  5. Information mismatch (for example, name, age, number …) between image and typing.
  6. Face mismatch between the image of identification document and selfie.
  7. One passport for different KYC profiles.
  8. One email for different KYC profiles.
  9. Nationality belongs to Restricted countries (United States of America, China, Hong Kong, DR Congo, Iran, Myanmar, Sudan, Iraq, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Syria, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Belarus, Liberia).
  10. Any information relevant to Blockpass’s Sanction List and PEP https://www.blockpass.org/2020/08/24/what-are-sanctions-lists

— —

In case all criteria are met, and your KYC status on Infinite Launch is still “Waiting” or “Unverified” please mail to support@infinitelaunch.io, and provide wallet address as well as email you register on Infinite Launch.



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