How to join the IDO of MarsColony on Infinite Launch

About MarsColony

MarsColony is a Play-to-earn Metaverse for Mars. MarsColony is a framework for mars colonization, which combines a video game with NFT ownership, a DeFi-based economy, DAO governance, guilds, and inter-blockchain colonies.

Moreover, MarsColony is a society-building framework that can be replicated on every blockchain for native users of that blockchain. The first cycle started on Harmony, and the second cycle will begin on Polygon. Each blockchain’s planet will be environmentally unique, with its own topography, weather, resources, and lifeforms. Linking all colonies for inter-chain play will create a diverse and resilient Colony and economy.

MarsColony IDO details

Infinite Launch will open a public sale pool for MarsColony with the following information:

Token name: pCLNY

Blockchain for token distribution: Matic

IDO time: 2pm UTC May 24th

IDO token price: 0.67 BUSD

IDO total pool size: $100,000

Vesting Schedule: 100% unlock at TGE

Listing exchanges: Uniswap

Participant: ILA-Tier members, Bony Bastard-NFT holders, and Whitelist winners

After 01 hour, if this Main IDO pool hasn’t been sold out, the total IDO allocation of every ILA Tier and NFT holding members will be threefold. This pool will no longer open for commmunity members and are only accessible by ILA-Tier members, Bony Bastard-NFT holders,Whitelist winners and Infinite Launch’s Quiz winners.

Please refer to the following table for further clarification:

How to join MarsColony IDO

Step 1 : Visit Infinite Launch Website:

Step 2: Sign in to your account and do KYC.

Step 3: Connect your Wallet. And make sure your wallet is connected to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.

In case you do not know how to set up Binance Smart Chain for your Metamask, please refer to this article for further instructions.

Step 4: To join MarsColony IDO, click “Join IDO” tab on top of our website. On the “Join IDO” page, choose the Main IDO Pool of MarsColony.

Step 5: To check the Whitelist Result, click tab “Winners” and insert the first 5 characters or last 5 characters of your wallet address.

Note: For ILA tier members & Bony NFT holders, you need to lock ILA to get tier or have at least one Bony Bastard NFT in your wallet before IDO starts; you will get allocation to join the IDO pool and buy pCLNY.

Step 6: Approve BUSD.

Step 8: Fill out the amount you want to buy, then click “BUY NOW”.

Note: All users are required to finish KYC 2 hours prior to the IDO time to participate.

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