Infinite Launch Presents: Bony Bastards NFT Sale & NFT Benefits


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To Buy Bony Bastards NFT, an BEP-721 NFT on Infinite Launch:

1. Set up Metamask wallet and you need to have BNB in your wallet. Download the MetaMask extension to your computer: and then connect your wallet

2. Visit NFT collection tab on our home page:

3. This is a Fair Launch, all Bony Bastards NFTs will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Mint will start exactly at 31st October 2021, 4:00pm UTC onwards.

4. Each NFTs will cost 0.1 BNB per mint. Each wallet address can mint up to a max of 10 NFTs on the website. If you want to get more, you can buy it later on our marketplace. Trading will start on Infinite Launch marketplace within the first week of November.

With that being said, let's dive in.

About Bony Bastards Collection

The first collection in the series of NFT that Infinite Launch has partnered with renowned artists across the world. The collection under the name Bony Bastards with 8,888 unique art pieces inspired by a skeleton theme will ascend to the next level in the world of NFT and grant a chance for holders to receive exclusive benefits from the platform.

There will be some special NFTs drop from famous artists for lucky Bony Bastards holders & supporters.

The Story

The Story of the collection centers around skeleton beings in the Kingdom of the Dead. After untold years in blackened silence, on the night of 31st Oct, the skeleton army is awakened under the name Bony Bastards. They arise from the tomb without any memories, even not knowing who they were. The only idea each skeleton bears in mind is fighting and protecting their silent graves.


Each Bony Bastards NFT is unique as it is randomly generated from 52 multiple traits stored on-chain like faces, heads, eyes, hands, clothes, backgrounds, accessories. Which increases more value to the NFT. Some NFTs have rare traits (~2%), such as Devil Horn or Death Guitar hands.

Traits allocation:

  • Total NFT max supply: 8,888
  • Eyes (6): Sober, Unwakened, Stern, Void, Fatal attraction, Dull.
  • Faces (6): Macabre, Exorcistic, Inhibited, Boogey, Haunted, Evil.
  • Hands (8): Death Guitar, Potion Cauldron, Dead star, Dinosaur, Gun, Mask, Micro, Steering Wheel.
  • Heads (7): Devil Horn, Cat earphones, Garrison cap, Pink hatband, Basic short hair, Wavy hair, Handlebar.
  • Shirts (7): Milady, Gothic Vampire Coat, Duke, Pink Skeleton, Floral Skeleton, Tank top, Yellow T-shirt.
  • Backgrounds (10): Spooky, Dawn, Stamp, Skeleton Purple, Skeleton Yellow, Fossil Blue, Fossil Yellow, Geometric 1, Geometric 2, Geometric 3.
  • Accessories (8): Bauble, Naruto Band, Bandage, Knife, Ear, Beard, Earing, Glasses.

Features and Benefits

Each Bony Bastards NFT will serve as a passport that grants access to collectors-only benefits. As each NFT from the collection is valuable due to creating uniquely from 52 different traits, holders can trade NFT and make profit on Infinite Launch marketplace in the 1st week of November. The surprising news is more than selling and buying NFT to gain profit, our platform offers various exclusive benefits for NFT holders such as:

🎃 Each NFT will represent one lucky draw ticket to get early access to 3 upcoming projects IDO on Infinite Launch in November, including Farmer World, The Wasted Lands, Champ Force.

🎃 With authorized collaborations with digital artists from all corners in the world, we are excited to giveaway special NFTs Bony to lucky NFT holders

🎃 Bony Holders will receive bonus %APR when staking $ILA token on Infinite Launch.

🎃 Bony Holders can get free token & merchandise airdrop from our partners in the future

IDO Ticket Rule

Method to get allocation: Lottery-based, one ticket for each 1 Bony NFT.

NFT holders must hold at least 1 Bony NFT to get a chance to win an allocation slot.

  • Each allocation slot will have 50$ in value.
  • Every 10 NFTs owned will grant you 1 guarantee allocation slot.
  • No ILA staked required like tier system policy (bronze,silver,gold,platinum)
  • Lottery winners picked by Infinite Launch team
  • Our team will take a snapshot NFT balance on the day whitelist closed of each project’s IDO round (apply for both private sale & public sale) to pick the winners. This means if you hold at least 1 Bony NFT you can get a chance to get allocation for ILA public sale, Farmersworld, The Wasted Lands, and Champforce IDO.


  • A person who owns 1 Bony NFTs will get 1 lucky ticket.
  • A person who owns 4 Bony NFTs will get 4 lucky tickets.
  • A person who owns 10 Bony NFTs will get 1 guarantee allocation.
  • A person who owns 22 Bony NFTs will get 2 guarantee allocations and maybe 3 if he is lucky enough

Increase %APR Rule

After Infinite Launch success to launch ILA public sale, Farmersworld, The Wasted Lands, and Champforce IDO. Hold Bony Bastard NFT will not give you any more priority allocation. But instead, you will receive a bonus %APR when staking ILA on our platform

Calculation formula:

Each NFT hold in your wallet will help you increase 0.1% bonus APR when staking ILA on our platform. (Both NFT and $ILA will lock in the system when staking)

Example: Our ILA-BNB pool has an APR of 40%, if you hold 100 NFT your new APR would be 50%.

Staking expects to go live at the beginning of December, after ILA successfully listing on the exchange.

All the terms about NFT IDO lucky ticket are independent and separate from the tier system that we have, which will go live in December.

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