One of the most challenging aspects to crypto is creating a well designed token utility model to amplify the products of the project whilst bringing a real value add to the token holders and ecosystem. On the fundamental level, token economics, products and community define the success or failure of the token.

In this article we focus on ILA tokenomics and its utilities, presenting the main mechanics we aim to embed into the token and how they fit into the whole ecosystem.

ILA New Tokenomics

In order to help project grow sustainably, we have updated the vesting schedule for early investors with the consent of the biggest ones onboard, to show the dedicated commitment for the exponential growth of Infinite Launch in the long-run.

From now:

Seed Investors will have 6 month cliff, and their token will be unlock monthly in 18 months

Private Investors will have 4 month cliff, and their token will be unlock monthly in 12 months

Those who join Private sale on Infinite Launch will keep the same vesting schedule, with 10% on TGE and monthly unlock in 4 months, but we believe they still our project contributor from the beginning so they will stay and contribute more with us

Team token also extend vesting schedule from 6 month to 1 year

We believe this new tokenomics to be in the best interest of our holders in order to create sustainable growth and value over the coming years

Our Main Goals

We design ILA token utilities to achieve the following goals:

1.Increased holders

As the project grows and so does the demand to join IDOs increased, ILA token will be bought and held by the growing user base. This creates a more decentralized ownership of the token and more stability to the market.
So far, we already have successfully launch The Wasted Lands and will help incubate 5 other IDOs on Infinite Launch in Jan & Feb 2022

2.Constant buy pressure

Mechanisms to create constant buying pressure are essential to the long term survival of a token. In order to achieve stability beyond the market fluctuations, ILA needs more use cases that cause a continuous demand from the market. Besides the main IDOs utilities, we aim to expand ILA utilities to in-game tokens & purchasing NFTs on our platform.

3. High TVL
The concept of locking tokens is also one of the key aspects to ensuring the long term growth of the project. In the last 3 weeks alone, we have achieved total 12,499,000 ILA locked in Tier and 2,683,231 ILA locked in Staking Pool, and these number keep increasing overtime.

4. Tax
3% of every transaction includes 1% ILA token burnt forever, and 2% of the burned amount converted into staking rewards to reward ILA holders.

5. DAO for Hodlers
It is essential that the community of token holders be respected within the decision making process of the project development, so our team will build a governance voting system to empower hodlers with a voice on project important decisions.

Next Step

We hope this article provides much needed insight into the utility and operations of the ILA token. The team is currently on the right track and will be delivering more exciting news to the community in January related to:

- More chain integration
- More IDO Partners
- More CEX & DEX Partners
- Governance voting system

It has been quite a journey getting to this stage and we are only at the beginning of what the ILA ecosystem was built to achieve.

We deeply thank our partners, Kucoin team and most importantly the community for all the support, this all happened because of you. We look forward to the brightest of future as we keep innovating and building upon what we set out to achieve.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, have a good rest before we enter a new year of 2022 full of opportunities.



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